Greetings to one and all. At last we have returned with our revamped website. We know that many of you have been waiting patiently for us to return. After a long break, we decided to relaunch the website by giving away FREE samples of dub music. Naturally, this will be for a limited time. As you navigate around the site, there are some features that we have kept and there are some that are new.

We'll endeavour to keep you abreast of all the dub events here in the UK and also inform you of our latest mouth watering dub releases. We are also busy working with various brethren around the world, promoting dub music and spreading the message.


As professionals, we will encourage discussions on creating music, setting up a studio at home or even a project studio. "The Soldiers of Jah" led by Dangerman, Gad Cee and Ras Caleb, have a wealth of experience in music production and other attributes. Music is produced for various soundsystem operators and the general public.

This website is about dub music. Raw steppers, Hard roots and systematic one drop styles. We do not comprise, just roll it...from the top, seen.